Joleen Richards

Jewelry Artist, Joleen Creations

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Joleen Richards is a jewelry and accessories designer who uses any material at hand to create unique, colorful and fun pieces. She started out by creating jewelry for herself, then quickly realized many of her pieces became conversation starters. As interest in her designers grew, she began creating custom orders and selling them on Etsy in addition to her own online store, Joleen teaches online jewelry courses on Skillshare and hosts pop up events throughout New York City.

Common themes and influences reflected in her work include bright colors, reminiscent of her childhood in the beautiful St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and abstract Yin and Yang references. Joleen's Jewerly is a collection of one of a kind pieces for those who want to be truly unique. Joleen believes experimental pieces are where discovery happens. These designs are not only aesthetically unique, but also solve problems with simple solutions, for example allowing an existing earring to become a clip on, or placing a necklace clasp on the left side for lefties. In the world of fast fashion, Joleen aims to create pieces that are fun, bold, conversational, unique, and easy to wear with a personal touch.

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