Ms. June Armstead

Owner, Body, Soul, and Spirit Salon

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June Armstead a licensed cosmetologist and pre-certified trichologist is the owner of San Francisco’s Body, Soul, and Spirit Salon. Not your average hairstylist, June specializes in helping her clients--professional black women--achieve and maintain healthy hair. For over 20 years, June, has promoted and practiced proper hair care techniques with her clients.  Beyond mastery of the latest hairstyling techniques, June has received extensive training to diagnose and provide treatment for hair loss and scalp disorders. Clients desperately seeking help for their hair and scalp problems receive a thorough analysis that may include providing urine and saliva samples.  June caters to professional African-American, biracial, and multicultural women with long, thick, or coarse hair types. June gives these women, who are hard to service in a typical salon without using chemicals, the ability to be themselves and helps them wear and manage their hair naturally.  Not only has she helped hundreds of African-American women regrow hair that they thought was long gone, but return them their dignity, self-confidence, and grace.   

June has been featured in Essence Magazine and in several publications and radio broadcasts.  As a servant for a greater purpose, June is an honored volunteer for the Look Good…Feel Better Program® sponsored by the American Cancer Society®. Using her skills and knowledge, June teaches women with cancer beauty techniques to help them overcome the appearance-related side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

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Headwraps, Turban & Scarf Styles

August 08, 2021, 08:30 PM
June Armstead