Sulma Arzu-Brown

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For over 15 years, Sulma Arzu-­‐Brown has been working professionally as a

champion for Diversity and Inclusion. She has been involved with this work

well before the term became a trending topic. A proud Garifuna, Afro-­‐Latina

Immigrant from Honduras, in 2005 she began working with The Garifuna Coalition

USA. Sulma also worked for a New York-­‐based organization that assisted

formerly incarcerated fathers (who were predominately Black and Latino) in

returning to the workforce. Sulma has also worked as the Director of Operations

for The New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Her publications include

the award-­‐winning Bad Hair Does Not Exist/Pelo Malo No Existe! (Afro-­‐Latin

Publishing) and My Hair Comes With Me: Shifting the Paradigm of What Success

Looks Like (CreateSpace Independent Publishing). Sulma’s work appears in The

O Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Huffington Post, Univision’s Despierta

America, and Remezcla.

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